EasyFoods is an application that helps users to connect with and support farmers from all over the country so they can safely cultivate produce.

EasyFoods is

                   “The Smartest Way to get Clean Foods!

By helping grocery shopping become more convenient that ever with advantages of:

  • Voice ordering
  • Tracking Origins of the Products
  • CCTV Cameras Supervision
  • Convenient payments online
  • Accurate designation
  • Nutrition plans built based on personal health conditions

Voice Ordering

Just state your request (what you/your family want to eat, how many adults/children, allergies to which kind of food etc.)

  • EasyFoods/IntelFoods will automatically sort suitable nutritious menus for you to select


Smart system will automatically designate your exact location to immediately inform the closest retailers/suppliers

Tracking Origins of the Products

Just turning on the app, scan the bar code, origins of the product you bought will indicate which farm/farmer that was produced

Process Supervision

Users can view CCTVs to make sure products are not switched, added from unclear external sources


Fast/Convenient payment by VMcoin*

*VMir.Co accept cryptocurrencies, which can be weighted by ratios at the current country that VMir firms exist*

Instant Delivery

The whole process of executing and finishing an order is less than 30 minutes

Service Evaluation

Your feedback, evaluation helps us to improve our services to better your experiences!


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