Vietnam has just had the dubious distinction of being nominated by WHO in the top 2 countries of highest cancer rate with more than 300 people dying per day of cancer (statistics of 2016). In this report one of the reasons given was contaminated sources of food, affected by factors of:

  • Lack of hygiene in butchers, street food vendors, union kitchens etc.
  • Overuse of banned chemicals or even heavy metal elements (which are only used in manufacturing industries) in order to contain the freshness of food
  • Usage of other chemicals to increase net weights
  • Production of fake food in poor or polluted condition

Furthermore, farmers are often pushed to sell food lower than binding prices which leads to inevitable situations where they have no other ways but to raise efficiency, quantity, food appeal by chemicals in order to be able to financially support their families and able to educate their children. Unfortunately, farmers with morals are now standing on the edges of bankruptcy: fresh, clean foods are not being consumed because of their high price in comparison to living standards in Vietnam while those who want to buy clean food find themselves constantly doubting the reliability of the vendors.

After over 3 years of both fostering ambitions and researching modern science, advanced technologies and artificial intelligences (AIs) in agriculture and food retail, we, Startup VMir.Co, people who constantly wonder about societal issues in our homeland, launched projects EasyFoods and IntelFoods, with hopes of improving consumers’ health and ensuring farmers’ living standards to bring happiness and peace to all families.


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